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Welcome to the South Australian Zeitgeist Movement website.
Here you will find information regarding the Adelaide (and surrounding) ZM chapter events.

If you are new to the movement then follow the following steps :

  1. Check out the Intro page.
  2. Watch the film Zeitgeist Moving Forward.
  3. Subscribe to the S.A discussion mailing list (fill in box in the top right) :  This list is used for meeting announcements and also general information and discussions. Approx 5-10 emails a week.
  4. Come along to a local meeting. The latest event information should be in one of the posts below.

Optional : You can also talk to one of the chapter coordinators (who are listed on the about page). Our primary contact is currently Andrew C. His mobile is +61 405 526 945.

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ZM-SA Meeting 7th Nov 2011

Hey Geisters,

The South Aussie Zeitgeist Movement chapter is catching up this coming MONDAY 7th November.

Why's that important? Because we are trying to change the spirit of the times. We are trying to shift humanity into a world where we value people by how much they've contributed to humanity and the environment and we can't do it alone.

Do you want to help contribute to humanity and the environment?  Want to make a difference in the world?

Of course you do!

So, come along to the awesome Box Factory. It's in the Adelaide CBD, not far from the Astor hotel. The meeting starts at 6:30pm and you'll be able to meet other people who also want to kick money's ass or talk about the Womad Earth StationNoam Chomsky's visit to AdelaideOccupy Adelaide/Occupy Together, Beyond Zero Emissions, organising next years Zday and national Zeitgeist Conference. Amongst other things...

The Box Factory is at 59 Regent Street South, Adelaide CBD. Only a few minutes walk from the Astor Hotel on the South Eastern part of Adelaide.


Meeting details

What : Zeitgeist Movement South Australian chapter meeting

Date : MONDAY, 7th Nov 2011 - 18:30 till 20:30

Where : The Box Factory,  59 Regent Street South, Adelaide CBD

Email : contact@zeitgeistsa.com for more info.

Mobile : Call Michael on 0433 483 008.


 Zeitgeist Movement South Australia on Facebook RSS Feed for Zeitgeist Movement Australia Open Atrium - chapters.zeitgeistaustralia.org

See ya's there 🙂


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Meeting Reminder : 19th of July

What : Zeitgeist Movement South Australia meetup

Theme : General Meeting.
Time : 6:30pm ~ 8pm
Date : Tuesday the 19th of July
Location: Astor Hotel, Cnr. Pultney & Gilles Streets, City

Contact : Guy B or Tamara O
Mobile : 0430927414 or 0438558185 or 
Email : contact@zeitgeistsa.com


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Meeting Reminder : 5th of July – General

What : Zeitgeist Movement South Australia meetup

Theme : General Meeting.
Time : 6:30pm ~ 8pm
Date : Tuesday the 5th of July
Location: Marcellina Darlington - 1512 South Road, Darlington 5042 SA

Google Maps : Here

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Directions (input your address)

Name : Guy or Tamara
Mobile : 0430927414 or 0438558185 or
Email : contact@zeitgeistsa.com


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Meeting Reminder : 21st of June – General

What : Zeitgeist Movement South Australia meetup


Theme : General Meeting.
Time : 6:30pm ~ 8pm
Date : Tuesday the 21st of June
Location: ASTOR Hotel, Playford room, corner of Pulteney & Gilles St.,  
437 Pulteney St. Adelaide SA 5000

Google Maps : Here

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Directions (input your address)

Name : Guy or Tamara
Mobile : 0430927414 or 0438558185 or
Email : contact@zeitgeistsa.com

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Meeting Reminder : 7th of June – General

What :  Zeitgeist Movement South Australia meetup!

Theme : General Meeting.

Presentation by Andrew on hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking, as seen in the movie GasLand).

Additional Zeitgeist related presentations,  ideas,  requests for discussion, especially by new members, are highly encouraged!

(Please contact us)

Time : 6:30pm ~ 8pm
Date : Tuesday the 7th of June
Location: Marcellina Darlington - 1512 South Road, Darlington 5042 SA
(Opposite the Flagstaff Hotel)

Google Maps : Here

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Directions (input your address)

Name : Guy or Tamara
Mobile : 0430927414 or 0438558185 or
Email : contact@zeitgeistsa.com


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ZeitgeistSA @The Body & Mind Psychic fair

What : Come and have a chat with our members at the Psychic fair in Adelaide!

Theme: General Presentation and first contact with The Zeitgeist Movement.
Workshop at 11:00, Sunday, 5th June 2011.

Time  & Date: 10:00am ~ 19:00pm, Saturday, 4th June 2011.
10:00am ~ 18:00pm, Sunday, 5th June 2011.

Location: Stand N° 224, Adelaide showground, Building: Jubilee Pavilion (near the big wheel),
Goodwood Road, Wayville, SA 5034, Tel.: 8410 1115


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Directions (input your address)

Name : Guy or Tamara
Mobile : 0430927414 or 0438558185 or
Email : contact@zeitgeistsa.com


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Endgame (MUST WATCH)

This is a MUST WATCH video of Derrick Jensen talking about the premises of our Civilisation and why it is not sustainable.


In the talk he does a great job of explaining the premises, although if you enjoyed the video, or if you didn't fully understand it then you should probably read the book. (NB : ZInfo is not associated with Derrick and does not receive any money for any form of advertising, in any way).

Premises :

  1. Civilisation is not, and can never be sustainable.
  2. In a city your life must be based on violence (due to the required importation of resources).
  3. Our way of living-industrial civilisation, is based on, requires and would collapse without persistent and wide spread violence.
  4. This civilisation is based on a clearly defined and widely accepted, unarticulated hierarchy. Violence is only acceptable from the top down [a very interesting point].
  5. The property of those higher on the hierarchy is more valuable than the lives of those below. It is acceptable for those above  to increase the amount of property they control (make more money) by destroying or taking the lives of those below (this is called production). If those below damage the property of those above then those above may kill or otherwise destroy the lives of those below (this is called justice).
  6. This culture is not redeemable. It won't undergo any sort of voluntary transformation to a sane, sustainable way of living.
  7. The longer we wait for the crash of civilisation, or the longer we wait before we bring it down, the messier the crash will be, and the worse it will be for humans and the environment who live during it and for those who come after.
  8. The needs of the natural world are more important the the needs of the economic system.
  9. Although there will someday be far less humans than at present, there are many ways in which this population reduction could occur. NB : Population is actually a tertiary problem, resource use is the primary problem.
  10. The culture as a whole and most of its members are insane. It's driven by a death urge and an urge to destroy life.
  11. From the beginning, this Civilisation has been a civilisation of occupation, and the government is the government of occupation.
  12. There are no rich people in the world; there are no poor people. There's just people. Money is just a concept.
  13. Those in power rule by force, and the sooner we break ourselves of the illusions to the contrary the sooner we can begin to make reasonable decisions about resistance.
  14. Love does not imply passivism.

There are some points that I think could be debated or slightly tweaked. Especially premise 6. I agree that whilst civilisation won't go voluntarily, you don't have to have a Price of Infinity (enviro, energy, economic) collapse. We can guide civilisation through a Price of Zero collapse (using abundance, sustainability, automation and education) .

As you'll see in the next post (about changing the value system), I think that point 8 needs to be pointed out to people. They know it, but don't realise that the economic system is given priority over nature, life, and human wellbeing. The Sydney, Australia chapter is currently editing some vox-pop/street interviews which show this mentality in action.

Regarding point 9. It's possible that if we were to be efficient and effective with the natural resources, we would likely be able to keep similar numbers of people or even raise the population whilst maintaining a stable equilibrium with the environment. But we would need to be net positive not net destructive to the environment. Humanity would also expand in numbers as we colonise other planets. But would shouldn't and likely won't do such a thing under the current culture and system. If we did it wouldn't be pretty for anything that got in our way.


Transition Ideas Team

This is a quick announcement of the creation of the Transition Ideas Team (TIT) a new ZM team that Scott Wrampler and Michael Kubler are currently helping kick start.

For those who are interested here's a recent Blog Talk Radio show regarding the team which talks about the organisational structure and some of the initial teams. It's only 30mins long.

Listen to internet radio with IZM Radio on Blog Talk Radio

The team will be split into 3 main groups :

  1. Admin
  2. Transition Proposals
  3. Proposal Analysts

The Admin staff will be a small group who run the website, organise the tools and help co-ordinate the other two groups.

The Transition Proposals group will be a collection of people who, working alone or together, come up with various transition models then propose them.

The Proposal Analysts are those who are knowledgeable within their field and as a group can analyse the proposal and undertake useful critical analysis and highlight potential issues and also make suggestions or reccomendations.


The process of submitting, analysing and refining a proposal will itself need to be developed and refined over time. One of the hardest parts of the process will be removing human bias, especially those which are predictable. An example may be that proposals are to be made anonymous before being presented to the proposal analysts. Once the analysts have provided feedback and the proposal refined the proposal can then be presented on the website for further analysis and discussions with the wider public.

It's possible that the team may itself change from being about transition ideas, to be a Transition Implementation team (or more likely, a group of teams).

If you have any transition ideas or suggestions then feel free to comment or email transition@zeitgeist-info.com

Thank you


Changing the Definition of Success

The change from the current monetary system to a Resource Based Economy requires changes to what we value, what the cultural and personal definition of success is, and the defaults.

The Definition of Success

This is part 1 of 3 I'll explain the change to the definition of success.


According to Western media plus the types of people the average person would say has 'made it' or aspire to be, the current definition of success is how much financial wealth, power, control and fame a person has acquired.

In a Resource Based Economy this is likely to change to become how much you've contributed to society and the environment.

Contributions can be a wide range of things. Everything from helping someone up the stairs with their bags to curing cancer, planting 10,000 trees or organising a mission to Mars.